Happy Birthday Mom!!

My mom with all her siblings and her mother.

November is my mom’s birthday month. This past year my mom has been battling cancer. She has battled this disease with her faith and her smile, and has remained joyful during this time. She is living out the belief that she might not know her future but she knows the One who does–and He holds her hand.

My mom and her siblings

Mom and her older sister
Mom and her grandfather–Pa

Dad and Mom when they were “courting”, sitting on her parent’s front porch.

Mom and Dad–Mom just gave birth to her third child and is not feeling the best, so is not wearing her usual smile.

Mom with my two oldest siblings, pregnant with her third child. She would have her first five children in four years!
Mom with all six children–four girls and 2 boys!! The afghan on the couch was crocheted by my Dad’s mother, and my mother still has it!! One of her love languages is gifts–she loves to give gifts and receive them!

My mother hosted the holiday meal for her family, while being very pregnant with my youngest sibling!

My mother has shown me the wisdom of just doing the next right thing that there is to do. She has shown me what it looks like to depend on God, in times of weakness.

My Mom and Dad with all six of their children

My mother is a person of great faith.  She has an awe of the Almighty and a humbleness that displays that she knows who she is, because she knows who He is.

She is also a little dynamo!!  Her energy never seems to flag, and her smile is a constant garment she wears.

Mom and Dad with their children and grandchildren surrounding them.

What I love most about my mother, is her laugh.  It is infectious, and joy filled, and my mother laughs often.  My mom seems to take joy and sprinkle it wherever she walks and wherever she is.  Her very name means “Joy”.

She has graced her family and friends with that joy for 84 years!!

Mom holding one of her great grandchildren–my granddaughter. 🙂

So, Mom—I want to wish you a Joy Filled Day and Month!!   I love you Mom!! Your family loves you!!

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