Angels In My Garden

I thought you’d like to see some pictures of some of the flowers blooming in my garden. They bring a smile to me, and I’m hoping they will to you as well.

I also shared in my blog, “Gardening Awaits“, that I went around our yard, looking at all the work that awaited me, and wondering how it was all going to get done.   I started praying asking God for Help!!  What I said was that I was wondering if He could send some angels to help me get the vegetable beds ready for planting.  Well, not too long after this, my husband hired someone to dig a ditch with his small backhoe to help us with some drainage issues.  While watching this happen, I asked my husband, “Do you think we could ask him to use the backhoe to turn over dirt in the vegetable patches?”  My husband said, “Sure, we could do that.”   This young man did turn over the dirt—helping to prepare the beds, and shortly afterwards, I was able to plant my vegetable garden.

     Thank you to this young man, and my husband for helping to make this happen.  God did send some angels—after all! 🙂

Hope this encourages you!!

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