Broken Bones

Make me to hear joy and gladness, Let the bones which You have broken rejoice.  Psalm 51:8

King David wrote Psalm 51 after Nathan the prophet confronted him over his sin–of adultery and murder.

For some reason–this verse–Let the bones which You have broken rejoice—keeps sticking in my mind.

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen?  Could it be—that some bad things happen because God is getting our attention?

I don’t think David actually had any broken bones—but it was a metaphor.  Did you know that when a particular sheep keeps running away from the flock–the Shepherd will break the leg of the sheep, and then carry the sheep around His shoulders, until that sheep will bond with the Shepherd and stop running away.  

The Shepherd does this for the sake of that sheep–to protect that sheep from predators, and falling off cliffs, or going into a ravine–and He does this to protect the rest of the flock–because sheep have a tendency to stupidly follow each other–instead of the Good Shepherd.

The breaking of the bone–is a very drastic measure–and it usually happens after repeated events of going after the sheep in question.  

Lately, our family has been experiencing “broken bones”.  I say, “our family”, because when something bad happens to one person in the family–it affects the entire family.

I am also, looking around, and seeing “broken bones” in others in our community, in our nation, and in our world.

People are suffering.   Yet, I believe in the midst of the suffering–there can be rejoicing.

Why?   Because–we are so, so loved!!  We have a Father who loves us so much!! He sent Jesus to die for us–to save us from our sins. 

Jesus, the good Shepherd loves us so much, that He keeps going after us–time and time again.  If we continue to wander, He is willing to (metaphorically) break our bones, and drape us around His neck, and carry us–until we have bonded with Him, and can’t bear to be parted from Him ever again–and so remain in His presence for the rest of our journey here on this earth.  

 Sometimes the worst things that happen to us–like losing a child, or having addictions, or loss of any kind– these are the very things that show us the grace and love and strength of the Lord—–and they become mercies in disguise.

So let our broken bones–rejoice!!  We have a God who is not willing to leave us – but will get our attention, over and over again.  Our God loves us!!

Let us be encouraged!!

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