Adventures in the Domestic Arts. :)

This has been a whirlwind week–of social activities, baking and cooking.  Our family has been getting milk from a farmer, and this week, I made cheese!  I probably watched a dozen videos on making cheese, before I embarked on my own adventure.  The cheese turned out well, and I am looking forward to making other creations in the weeks to come.

I thought I’d share one of the videos with you all–in case you wanted to embark on your own dairy adventure.

This lady is a true homesteader–and she has lots of great videos to get the rest of us started on our own food making journeys!!

Also–this week, was the opening of deer hunting season, and my husband, brought down an 8 point buck on the opening day.   So—look for some recipes on using venison in future blogs!

I know—from the sound of this blog–we sound like we are homesteaders—living in the wilds—but nothing could be further from the truth–although the day I made the cheese, I also made homemade bread, rolls, apple pie, and my husband walked around calling me a domestic goddess—which actually proves my point about not not doing these things so regularly–as if I did them regularly—my husband would be used to these things.  LOL

May God bless you and keep you!!  May you be encouraged!!