The Emmaljunga

Today, I took my baby granddaughter for a walk in a stroller—the same stroller that I pushed her daddy in 28 years ago.   Yes, I have had a stroller for 28 years!!  My sweet baby sister told me about this stroller—built in Sweden, the Emmaljunga.  She told me that if I got this stroller, I would have it to push my grandchildren in—and she was right!!  (Actually, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law gave me this stroller at a shower! And then my mom, sisters and I gave this stroller to my sweet baby sister for her baby.  I think she is using it to push her grandbabies in too!!)

This stroller looks like the old-time strollers used by nannies across Europe.  It has a removable bassinette and stroller seat.

This is a picture of my parents with my oldest son—when he was a baby– in the Emmaljunga.

We took this stroller to Disney World.  Our youngest was 3 years old.  Every day, she took a nap in this stroller, as we pushed her around one of the Disney Parks.  They had stroller parking lots, so when it was time for her to go on a ride, we would push the stroller in the parking lot. 

Our baby sitting on Papa’s lap after getting her hair done at the Bippity Boppity Boo Boutique!!

The bottom part of the stroller, held our cooler with our water bottles, and all our paraphernalia that we did not want to carry.

This stroller is not the only thing I have hung onto over the years.  I have saved numerous things—outfits my children used to wear, that are now worn by my grandchildren, and most of my furniture which I have inherited from family—my parents, my husband’s parents, and extended family.

Things that have a connection with people—have great value to me.

I love looking around my house and seeing these heirlooms.

I told my grandson, that I am going to save the Emmaljunga, and someday, he will be pushing his baby in the stroller!!  What a thought!!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about canning—and it thrills me to use some canning jars, my grandmother passed onto me.

I have a piano that used to belong to my great Uncle, (it was made in 1917), and he gave it to my parents in the 1960’s and they gave it to me, because I played it more than any of my other siblings.

What is the point of this blog—well, in this day of so much change, so much turmoil, it is good to be able to cast our eyes on something that remains the same, that calms us, and connects us.

Furniture and things are just things—and honestly, as much as I enjoy them –they can’t hit the deepest parts of me that need calming in the storms or bring me  the sense of security I long for.  Only God can do that.  He never changes, always stays the same—yesterday, today and tomorrow.

What does that mean for us—it means that He will always forgive us—He will always love us—-He will always believe the best of us—-He will not leave us—He will not forsake us—He will not give up on us. Check out 1 Corinthians 13, if you don’t believe me. Scripture tells us that God is love, and 1 Corinthians 13 defines what love is.

These are the thoughts that calm me, these are the thoughts that connect me—to God—to you—to eternity.  These are the thoughts that encourage me—I pray they also encourage you!!