It’s a Sunshine Day!!

Recently, my husband and I watched The Brady Bunch Renovation.  (We grew up watching The Brady Bunch).  Watching The Brady Bunch Renovation brought back so many memories.   I remember gathering at my friend’s house after school to watch The Brady Bunch.   Even now when I catch a snippet of the show, I am flooded with ‘feel-good’ memories. (I’m hoping this blog’s color scheme of olive green and orange will bring back memories of the Brady Bunch’s kitchen. 🙂 )

 What is it about The Brady Bunch, that had so many in my generation so involved?  I really don’t know.  I do know what I liked about it—I liked that Mr. and Mrs. Brady found happiness with each other, and their respective families after experiencing loss and tragedy.  I liked that the children were given the love and security of a new family after experiencing insecurity and devastation when they lost a parent.  (This was the time of my life when my cousins lost both of their parents, and I wanted them to have a new beginning—a new family and a happy life.) 

 I also liked the order in the family.  Mr. and Mrs. Brady were definitely– in charge.  The kids were respectful to their parents.  The parents were respectful to the children—but still definitely in charge.  Alice was respectful to Mr. and Mrs. Brady and the children, and they were respectful to her.  (I love the character of Alice—and honestly, who wouldn’t want an Alice in their family—someone to cook and clean—what a dream!! I remember telling my mom, that I was going to have a maid when I grew up, and my mom laughed and said, “I have four of them—referring to me and my three sisters. I didn’t think that was as funny as my mom did. )

I could relate to The Brady Bunch because there were 6 children in my family.  There was also order in my family.  My parents were definitely– in charge.  My siblings and I were respectful to our parents.  (Of course, that respect was reinforced with consequences, just as the Brady Bunch kids received consequences for their wrong choices, so did we.)  It was a world I knew, and within which I felt comfortable and safe.

I remember when my oldest son was 10 years old and he discovered “The Hardy Boys” book series.  Apparently, the books had an impact on him, as he started wearing button-down oxford shirts and khaki pants and calling his dad, “Sir”.    Others started noticing him calling his dad “Sir” and commenting on it in a negative way.  They thought that my husband and I were too strict and made our son say, “Sir” when addressing his dad.    I was a bit shocked by that response, as I thought it was kind of cute and it was respectful.

 One of the college students who worked for us noticed that my husband sought and asked for my opinion and thought that was so amazing.  Something that we thought was a natural way of treating each other, was extraordinary in his eyes.

I had a family example to share here, but the person involved asked me not to share it.  Since I am talking about respect, I am going to respect that person’s input and not share this example, except to say that I have been asking God to help us be more loving and respectful of each other in our family.

God’s answer to my request for wisdom is simple actually, “treat people in the same way that you would have them treat you…..” Matthew 7:12

The problem is—it is so easy to see how others are treating me wrong, and not as easy to see how I am treating others wrong.  God tells us in Matthew 7:5  “…take the log out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly before you try to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

This is where I need God’s help—to open my eyes and cause me to see the truth about myself and how I am really treating others.  God has said, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

I am trusting that God’s Spirit will show me the truth—of how I can be more respectful, more kind, more loving.    Perhaps as each of us ask God’s Spirit to show us the truth to help us change into more loving, respectful people, our families will change into loving, respectful families!!  Then it will really be —“a sunshine day”!!  (this is a lyric in a song the Brady kids sang.) Here’s a link:

   So Be Encouraged!!