Garden Party Delayed?

Yesterday I was supposed to have a tea party for some lovely friends, however I was ill, so my wonderful friend–who is also  a part of this tea group, hosted the tea instead.  I am so, so very grateful for this.  I am also so very grateful for this group of International ladies and American ladies who have forged firm friendships with each other.   I hope by writing about our Tea Group to inspire other similar groups to spring up across our country and across the world.

 I took pictures of my flowers to send to the Tea group today, as I was not sure my lilacs would still be in bloom by the time I was hosting the next tea.

I thought I would share these pictures with you as well.   Enjoy!!

This lilac bush is from a cutting from my Great-Grandmother’s garden–isn’t that amazing!!

My white lilac tree, just starting to bloom. The bird house is a gift from my late mother-in-law, and as you can tell–is very, very old. 🙂
Baby Apple Trees–a gift from loved ones.
a hint of color–in the beginning of the gardening season.
This is the deep purple lilac tree, pruned a few seasons ago, and also just starting to bloom–the scent is magnificent!! 🙂

These are all early days for my garden– as every gardener knows–there is much to be done–but I hope these glimples will inspire you to garden and have garden parties!! AS always,

May We Be Encouraged!!

Alan Jackson sings, “In the Garden”