Savor The Moments!!

Grandchildren have helped me to savor moments of motherhood that I had forgotten.

  1. Giving baths to sweet children.
  2. Snuggling with a sweet- smelling child fresh out of the bath.
  3. Reading Green Eggs in Ham.  (I received this book as a gift when I was 7, and I read it to my children, and now my Grandchildren.)
  4. Tucking little ones in bed.
  5. Laughing until my sides feel like they are going to split.
  6. Going to a movie and laughing more at the child laughing beside me, than the movie itself.
  7. Rocking a child to sleep.
  8. Making meals for children who eat with unabashed pleasure.
  9. Having a conversation about trucks and tea parties.
  10. Playing with trucks and having tea parties.

All these things and more are the moments of our life.  They are precious, they are countless, and they are gifts.  Enjoy these precious times, you won’t have them again until you are a Grandparent.  You have been blessed with a child.  Enjoy them!!  And Be Encouraged!!