These past months in our state, we have been mandated to wear masks around.  My children and I have joked about how the hero in Princess Bride said, “I think everyone will be wearing masks in the future.”

I have found the masks uncomfortable many times, but times when I would have been assaulted by an unsavory smell, I have been grateful for the mask—oh that I would have had these masks while I was pregnant!!

These masks have reminded me of the emotional and spiritual masks I wear on a daily basis.  I put on a smiling face mask and pretend everything is ok, when it is not.

After our son died, I started doing that again.  However, something happened.  Something I thought very unpleasant at the time.  I was confronted by a friend about one of my children.  I did not react well.  I took my mask off and exposed my anger and spoke hurtful words.  That confrontation resulted in me actually grieving for my son.  I took my mask off, and I grieved and I grieved and I grieved.

My friend did not want to be my friend any longer after that happened.  I grieved for that as well.

Now I recognize this as a great gift to me from God, who wanted me to feel the pain of my son’s death. He wanted me to feel pain, because in doing so, I would experience God Himself– I would experience His love and His healing.  I would not be keeping all the “ucky” stuff inside, where it would rot away, destroying me from the inside out.

I have heard a song recently that reminds me of this lesson God had for me, called, “Truth be Told” by Matthew West.  I hope you listen to this song, and that it encourages you!!

Tyrone Tompkins, in his video, Free to Be Me, talks about contacting all the people he had hurt and asking for their forgiveness.   I thought—what courage he had—but also—what freedom he now has.  The truth has set him free.

I think this is the freedom that God wants all of us to have.  He wants us to be real with each other and take off our masks and reveal who we really are.  He wants us to admit it when we have sinned against each other, even if we risk rejection from each other.  He will never reject us.  We will always belong to Him.  He will continually forgive.  This thought has encouraged me on my darkest days!  I pray it will encourage you as well.