The Circle and Pi

I am a homeschooling mom.  It is amazing the things you get to relearn –when you teach it.  Like recently, we learned about The Circle and Pi.   For those of you who have forgotten what Pi is—It is the circumference of the circle divided by the diameter, (which is approximately 3.14).  Pi day is celebrated on March 14th.

But here is something you may not know about Pi.   Pi goes on for infinity, which means that every number combination in the entire world is found in Pi.  Your Social Security number, my Social Security number, everyone’s SSN, your street address, my street address, everyone’s street address, your birthdate, my birthdate, everyone’s birthdate, all the DNA codes, and all digital codes—all found in Pi. You can go to and type in your birthdate and it will give you the decimal point where your birthdate is found. My pi # is 2,588,890.

So—you are all wondering—what is the point of telling us this?

Well, in Romans 1, it tells us that God’s creation shouts to us, that God exists, and it tells us of who He is.

God made the Sun and the planets, as circles—as spheres.  What does a circle tell us about God?  Well—God tells us that He does not have a beginning or an end—and a circle—does not have a beginning or an end—it is a visual image of a reality that we with our finite minds—can look at and “see” an impossible to understand concept of infinity.

Also Pi—a number combination that goes on for infinity— (I think they have divided it out to the 34 trillion now), gives us another visual “look” at something that is infinite.

Pi helps us to “See” the infinite.  It helps us to look at complexities and “see” God.  All of Heaven is shouting to us that God Is, God exists.

This infinite, Creator God loves us.  In a few weeks we will be celebrating God humbling Himself and coming down to earth in a form of a baby.

We have a baby in our family right now, and oh, what gifts they are—but how vulnerable they are!  They are tiny, precious beings.

Our infinite God—who created everything– made Himself vulnerable for us and came as a baby to us.  He grew up among us, lived among us, did miracles testifying to who He was, and then the ultimate in vulnerability—He died a humiliating death on the cross, to pay for each one of our sins.  He rose from the dead, and now awaits us to join Him, as the same power that raised Him from the dead will raise us.

I pray that as we enter this most Holy Season, that we will think of The Circle and Pi—-to remind us of the One who has no beginning and no end,  the One who is Infinite!!  This great One loves you and loves me.  Let us bow before Him and worship Him and LOVE Him!!

**Science Art by Martin Krzywinski