The first tulips have blossomed in my garden. I simply love Tulips!! I love going to the Tulip Festival in our State. I have been a frequent visitor for the past 7 years, except last year when it was cancelled due to Covid19.

The year after my son died, I took my mom, my daughters and a couple of their friends to The Tulip Festival. I had decided to be proactive in making time to “Do” little things with special people—to make memories.  I was very aware that any day could be my last day on earth.

That is what happens when someone you love deeply– dies.  You are very aware of how fragile life truly is, and you want to celebrate the gift of life.  You want to celebrate the people you love.  You want to take moments and celebrate.

Seeing the tulips come up reminds me of this memory and the resolve behind it—to seize the moment– to seize the day.  You see, I had wanted to go to the Tulip Festival for many, many years, but the busyness of life made it just one more thing that got pushed out of the way.

After, my son died, I resolved that celebrating people and life would not get pushed away anymore.

I need to remind myself of this decision I made, and that is why I am writing this blog.  The Tulips coming up have reminded me of my decision I made 7+ years ago, and the small act of celebrating love, in going to the Tulip Festival.   Every day has its moments to think of someone else and love, serve, and listen.

Every day is an opportunity to celebrate love!!

Happy Tulip Time!!

May You be Encouraged!!