Dayle Rogers

Dayle Rogers–  fellow blogger and storyteller.   Wife, mother, grandmother, friend, mentor and a child of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Dayle and I met years, and years ago, when she was a young mom, and I was a single gal.

We were both on staff with Cru, and living in Wisconsin.  Her husband was the Area Director of Wisconsin.  Dayle was and is this petite, beautiful woman with a huge smile, and a warm heart.

My roommate, (a close friend of Dayle’s) and I went to stay with Dayle’s children for a week, while Dayle and her husband went to a conference.  (Dayle would have another child roughly 9 months after that conference,)  🙂  (I actually met my husband the week after babysitting for Dayle’s children– you can read about our story if you click here.)

Dayle homeschooled her children, and this was my first up close and personal experience with what homeschooling looked like, as we were given a lesson plan that the children had to complete, while their parents were gone.   (I would later go on to homeschool my children–no doubt influenced by this hands-on experience.)

Through the wonder of social media, Dayle and I have maintained contact with each other.  Years ago, Dayle started blogging, and I started reading her blogs.   In the same way that Dayle blazed a path for me to follow in homeschooling—–I am also following her path in the blogging world.

Dayle doesn’t just tell stories–she weaves stories together.  I look forward to reading her blogs–because she is a master storyteller, and I always, always come away—with some gem of wisdom, truth and encouragement to hang onto after I read her blogs.

So, I introduce to you all—my friend—Dayle! Click here to be directed to her blog home page.  

May you be encouraged!!

PS I believe Dayle also does public speaking, but you’d have to contact her via her contact information, given on her blog, to obtain any details.