Love Wins

I found this video today and watched it.  It was so encouraging, I had to share it with you’all. 

Lin Smith, tells the story of her son—her prodigal son—estranged for 20 years from her and her husband, and their journey of prayer, faith and mostly—love!!

The message I took from it, is that Love never fails, and never gives up, and that God, who is Love—loves our children more than we do—and He never gives up on us or our children, and He never fails us or our children!!

I also wanted to share a song with you called “Grace Wins” by Matthew West. One of the lines in the songs states, “For the prodigal son–Grace wins” and I thought this song further revealed the message of Lin Smith.

Hope this encourages you as it has encouraged me!!

The Mighty Influence of a Praying Mom

While preparing for this blog, I came across this 10 minute video—and I just loved it.  It illustrates the importance of a praying mom and how God uses our prayers.  Moms–lets not underestimate the influence we have on our families’ lives, our churches, our communities and the world as we pray!!   Praying this encourages you and motivates you to pray, as it has encouraged and motivated me!!