Gardening awaits!!

The daffodils are up in my garden.  I love their yellow, sunny selves; they are such happy flowers!!

I noticed them up yesterday and took a couple of quick photos of them.  After doing this, I took a walk around the perimeter of my house, to look at all my flower and vegetable beds, and make a mental list of what work awaits me in my garden.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the work that awaits.  I am reminding myself of sayings like, “A thousand miles begins with the first step, and weeded bed begins with the first pulled weed.”  Things like that.

I like to grow a lot of groundcover in my flower gardens—along with an abundance of perennial plants—I like how it looks, and it saves on the weeding.   

However, when it comes to my vegetable beds, nothing but turning over the ground will do, and then applying straw or ripped newspaper heavily around the plants, once they are in the ground.

I think I am a better flower gardener than I am a vegetable gardener.  With veggies, one must be careful and consistent, in weeding and watering.  With Flowers—one has a lot more leeway.  

My parents had a huge vegetable garden, and their grandparents had huge gardens—as both my mom and dad came from farming people.  Their grandparents grew crops to sell but had their own personal gardens to feed their families.

 I used to love it when my great-grandmother would ask my siblings and I to pick the strawberries in her garden.  More strawberries made it into our mouths and tummies than ended up in the pails she gave us.   Have you ever had a strawberry fresh from the garden?  Indescribably delicious!!  Most vegetables and fruit picked and eaten right away, have a freshness and sweetness that is not to be believed.

Sweet corn does not have to be cooked when you pick it and eat it right away.  It is tender and sweet, and succulent.  Some farmers will let you go into their fields and pick your own sweet corn.  Or you could grow it.  (Just don’t grow it around any feed corn, as they will cross pollinate, and then you will just have tough feed corn, not the delicious, sweet corn you were imagining.  Yes—this word of advice comes from personal experience.  LOL )

Well, I hope my writing about gardening will inspire some of you to have a garden yourselves this year.!!

Remember—you will reap what you sow!!

So Be Encouraged!!