We may never pass this way again…

I have been spending this week with my mom. I am well aware of how rare these times are– to take time out of our lives and spend it with each other.  This is a time I want to savor, to remember, to hide in my heart. 

When I was growing up, I was the 4th child out of six children, so the times I got to be alone with my parents, are very precious to me.  I’d like to share some of these treasures with you.

My senior year of High School, I ate lunch with my mom, every weekday.  This was the year, I left school after having 3 classes, went home to eat lunch and then went to my job.  My mom came home from her job every day at lunch time, and we shared a meal with each other. We chatted and ate.  I had time with my mom by myself—an unheard of event for me!! I think this time helped prepare me for going away to college the following year.

 I also treasure, my mom and dad coming to Wisconsin, where I was on staff with Cru, and spending the week with me.  I remember cleaning my apartment thoroughly before they came, and my roommate joking that my parents needed to come visit more often.   I made the mistake of taking my parents to Madison Wisconsin on Halloween.  It was pretty wild—people were acting strangely, and dressed in wild and creepy outfits—there was a strange spirit in the air.  My Dad was a tough policeman—and even he was a bit freaked out by what we saw and sensed.  Yet, I’m so glad to have had that time with them—those memories with them.  I was glad to have had an adventure with them, and to have my big strong Dad with my mom and I during that adventure.

Another time, I treasured was my time with my mom and dad in California.  I was in California for the summer because of my job, but they came out, because their nephew, my cousin, had been in a car accident, and was in a coma.  They came to offer support to my Aunt and Uncle, and their family.  They also spent time with me.  We went to Disney Land and my parents kept offering to get me, every kind of food available.  I joked with them, and said, “Wow, usually I’m happy to have all the attention—but now I’m kind of wishing for some siblings—as I can’t eat one more thing.”  This was a golden time with my parents in the midst of some dark, and turbulent seas.   I learned then, that golden times often come when we least expect it.  They are special gifts to us from God to point us to the overarching gift of life despite the trials and heartache.  In fact, we appreciate them even more because of the contrast.

3 years later, I came home to prepare for my wedding, and my mom and I drove together to every bridal shop in our state.  (That might be a slight exaggeration-but not by much.)   I had seen the dress I wanted in a bridal magazine.  When I called the designer’s shop, they told me it was sold out.  I did not know how much the dress was—and thought I probably couldn’t have afforded it anyway—but something about that dress called to me.   We finally went to a bridal shop, that I had not wanted to go to—as the dresses there were very expensive and I was on a budget.   Anyway, I ended up finding the dress of my dreams –the dress I called about–there—on a clearance rack–totally within my budget!! What a gift from God!!  It was wonderful to share that moment with my mom. 

These are just a few treasured memories among so, so many memories.  What I have learned from my parents, is that time spent with people I love really, really matters.   It matters to spend time with my loved ones.   Relationships take time.  They are built on moments.  Moments taken—build our trust in one another, and allow us to share our hearts with each other. Those relationships can help us on this road of life we are all on.

So let me encourage you to make time, find time, grasp the time to spend with your loved ones—and treasure those moments in your heart–for we may never pass this way again!!       May you be encouraged!!

**The picture at the top is of my mom and her Grandfather. 🙂

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