Angels Among Us

Have you ever thought that there might be angels dwelling among us?  Scripture tells us that angels do exist, and they are God’s messengers and servants. 

When I was in my twenties, I think I may have seen and been protected by angels.  I was on staff with Cru, a Christian organization.  I was working with college students, and I was on a summer project in Virginia Beach.    

One beautiful summer evening, I noticed a crowd gathering in front of the house in which we lived.   Two sailors were duking it out in front of our house.   

I went over to the two men, (by this time they were on the ground, and one was on top of the other, pummeling the other man.)  I grabbed the man by his shoulder, yanked him to face me, and shouted in both men’s faces, “I want you to stop fighting, and I want you to stop fighting now!” 

As I did this, a knife, (which I had not seen beforehand), scattered into the side of the road.  Suddenly, two huge men–came to help.  One man had blonde hair, the other had black hair; they each grabbed a man, and held their arms behind their backs.  Both sailors continued to struggle and tried unsuccessfully to free themselves.

Then from down the street, police on horseback came riding up.  They did not seem to notice the two big, tall men holding the sailors.  They did not take statements from the big men.

Later, as I was talking to friends of mine, who had been watching the fracas, none of them recalled seeing the two huge men.  

I think God sent his angels to protect and serve.  I am reading a book right now, that features angels, who are living among us, as ordinary human beings.  It is a fictional book, but it has started me thinking about angels.  Angels apparently can take human form because Scripture tells us to give hospitality to strangers, as some have entertained angels without knowing it.

I thought an older lady I met on my walks was an angel.  When we pass each other, she gives me a smile, that lights up her face.  It seems that the joy inside her jumps out of her, and every single time, I am reminded of God’s love and God’s joy.  

The last time I saw her, I stopped to talk with her.  My, was she tickled that I thought she was an angel.   She owns an antique store—My Best Friends Antique Store in Blanchard.  (FYI:  The last time they are open this season is November 4, 5 and 6th from 10 am to 5pm.)

Diane–out for a walk.

We had a great conversation; I told her I’d like to write a blog about her and took her picture, (which she said I could use in this article), and we exchanged contact information.  I have sent her pieces of my writing, (one of them the article published by HERVIEWFROMHOME), and this is what she had to say to me,

“Katie, I just read the blog posts you sent. You are a beautiful writer and have an amazing ability to see through your own pain and grief to give comfort and solace to others. A precious gift that you share freely. I am honored to have met you.”

 I told her that she really was an angel to me—a messenger of God’s love, grace and encouragement.”

So, what is the point of this blog?  I think God is continually trying to give us messages—that He loves us and He sees us.  He uses beautiful sunrises and sunsets, flowers and flora, birds and bees.  Often, He will send a message—in the smile of a baby, a smile of a stranger, and sometimes in protection given by angelic strangers.   Over, and over again, He shouts to us—I love you!  I am with you!  If you look—you will see what I mean.  If you look, you will see not just the Angels Among Us—but the God who is sending messages through them.

May you be encouraged!!

11 thoughts on “Angels Among Us

  1. Katie I am honored and humbled to be a small part of your quest to bring joy, light, and encouragement to others. You are an inspiration during times when hope and positivity can be hard to find. You are an awesome messenger. Thank you. ❤️

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  2. I believed, in angels because of some co-church mates and some people that I don’t know. we walk in the road. to meet some people to share the gospel. she sees very huge people on my side. that extraordinary. when I am near to that woman. she is said to me. this woman is not ordinary. I feel the presence especially when I am alone with GOD. very strong anointing. that sometimes, we cannot explain, with full of joy.

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