God’s Faithfulness — Unshakable Hope

A month before Bill went to heaven, he sent me an email.  The top line read: “If I go home: Don’t think for a minute that God failed us!  You know how faithful God has been.”  He continued with a list of things that I needed to take care of (his book, his funeral, etc.), […]

God’s Faithfulness — Unshakable Hope

I read this blog tonight, and was so impressed with this woman’s story–what an encouragement to God’s faithfulness. I hope it encourages you as it has encouraged me.

4 thoughts on “God’s Faithfulness — Unshakable Hope

  1. I followed Bill for quite some time. His ALS was his ministry to so many. His steadfastness encouraged my heart more than I realized. Glad you found this. He and his wife were an incredible team.

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      1. You’re funny. He responded to one of my blogs several years ago when he was still able to use his eye scan on his computer more quickly. It was how he typed. And I had a couple of friends who’d had ALS and was fascinated by his story. Followed him for the last several years. The two of them were used by God in amazing ways. His suffering was his platform for Jesus. And he did it with such grace.

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      2. What a cool story! Thank you for sharing it! I’ve noticed that you have some pretty influential bloggers, following and liking your blog. I know how much I enjoy your writing–and your story telling and your messages of hope! God is shining through you!! 🙂

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