“I’m on the team of my life.”

Mark Cavendish just won his 4th stage in le Tour de France, tying Eddy Merckx for having won 34 stages total in le Tour de France.  After he won his 2nd stage, he was told by one of his teammates that he was in the form of his life, and he replied, “I’m on the team of my life.”   He said this in the heat of the moment, without time to prepare a statement, revealing that this is what he truly thinks—his wins are not about him being in the form of his life, they are about him being on the team of his life.

I think that this could be said about just about any person who is successful, it isn’t just about their talents and gifts, it is about the team of people who also had talents and gifts and who helped them  achieve their goal of success. 

When Mark won the 4th stage, he had teammates putting him in position, for him to sprint across the finish line 1st.  They sacrificed for him, riding in front of him to shelter him from the wind, so that he could go on to sprint across the finish line.

I just helped my friend give an Open House for her daughter.  She brought me a gift today to say thank you, and In the card she wrote she thanked me for my gift in organizing events and children. 🙂 I told her that it wasn’t me—it was the great team I had to work with.

When I was on staff with Cru, I was in put in charge of the weekly meeting, directing the music, the talk, the skit, the videos.  I had so much fun, and every week, was astounded by the event and the talent.  On my next assignment, I also was put in charge of the weekly meeting, but it was not so great.  I realized that it was the team of people I was working with that had changed.  On my first assignment, it was so much fun and so easy, because I had a great and talented team.  On the next assignment, not so much.

It’s the team, that makes the difference.

So, what is my point?  God tells us we need each other.  We need each other.  We are apart of His team. 

I Corinthians 12 talks about how we are apart of God’s body, and we are connected to one another, but have different purposes, just as my eye and foot are a part of my body but have different purposes.  We each have been given a gift to help each other. 

My prayer for each of us, is that we will know what gift God has given to us individually, so that we may help others, and that we will allow others to help us, in the areas we need to be helped.   Because, believe me—we are on the Team of our lives!!

So let’s be encouraged!!

4 thoughts on ““I’m on the team of my life.”

  1. So true, Katers–team always matters. There is no team sport where one person can win it all–it takes a team. To have people committed to you as a person, to see you for who you are, to encourage you in growth–that’s unselfishness and love that the Lord intends for us to give each other. Great example about Mark–he’s a living word picture.

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  2. So true that it helps to me on a good team but if the team isn’t great we just have to work around things with all the talent we can garner from each individual. We have all been there and I think God likes to give us those challenges. He is Always there to help us. Love you.

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