Today is Gonna be a Good day

When my daughter was 7, she made me a sign, that says, “Today is a gonna be a good day.”  She made me this sign a year after I lost my son, Sean James.

I have that signed propped up on the table beside my bed.

“ TODAY is gonna be a GOOD DAY!!” 

What a thought to open my eyes to, when some days I don’t want to open my eyes.

 During the winter months, when the dark, gray days permeate my spirit, I see this sign: 

“Today is gonna be a good day.” 

I find it a little easier to hang on through the winter.

 This week, the sun has been shining, and snow has been melting, and I am thinking about that sign:

“TODAY is gonna be a GOOD DAY!!”

I can smell spring in the air—the birds are coming back.  The weather is warmer—not warm—but not freezing.

My spirits are rising.  Hope is in the air.  New Life is in the air.

“TODAY is gonna be a GOOD DAY!!”

I have the same problems.  My trials have not gone away.  But somehow, my burdens seem a little lighter.  It is easier to put those things I have no control over, in the Father’s Hands.  It is easier to put the things I think I have control over in the Father’s Hands.

Spring is coming!!  New life will overcome death and decay!! 



Line from this song: The Winter Storms make way for Spring.


9 thoughts on “Today is Gonna be a Good day

  1. When you can wake up and remind yourself that it will be a good day, not because of our circumstances or what we’re feeling but because God is always good, you’ve made a decision in the right direction. And isn’t that, after all, the best we can do? Choose Him? Today IS gonna be a good day, Katers!

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