These are the words of a song that keep running through my mind:  I know that You are Good.  I Know that You are Kind.  I know that You are so much more than what I leave behind.

These are the very things that the enemy of my soul does not want me to believe—anything to fire up the seeds of distrust and doubt.  Anything so that I find it difficult to trust and yield to the lover of my soul.

I find meditating on a song that breathes truth in my soul, or a scripture that breathes truth into my soul, will help.

It also helps to wrestle with scripture I don’t understand.  Researching it, trying to understand God’s character through it— helps.   Sometimes the enemy of our soul, says, “God wouldn’t act like that, God wouldn’t do that.  Therefore you can’t trust scripture.”   The ultimate result is that the enemy does not want us to trust God or His Word—as that is where we draw our power to fight the enemy.  If we are cut off from our power source, we can do nothing.  We do not bear fruit.

I believe God is trying to wake up His people.  God wants us to learn how to live by faith.  Faith is simply taking God at His Word.  So when God commands us to be Filled with His Holy Spirit, we can do this.  We can turn our lives over to Him, and He will cleanse us, and He will fill us.  We just need to take Him at His Word.

We know that He is Good,  We know that He is Kind, We know that He is so much more, than what we leave behind.

So let’s Be Encouraged!!

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