I like to go for walks outside in the crisp cool mornings of fall.  I have a problem though.  My hands—my fingers in particular– get very cold.  So, I have taken to wearing mittens—wool mittens with a fleecy interior.  Why?  Because they keep my fingers together, and my fingers generate body warmth— more warmth, than keeping my fingers separated in gloves.

Today I went for a walk, and my fingers were fine, but my poor thumbs were cold, so I took them out of the thumb holder and let them hang out with the rest of the fingers and they were warm again.

It reminded me of how we are as people—when we are around each other—encouraging each other—we generate more warmth—we keep each other from getting cold—like a campfire—many logs together burn more brightly than one log by itself.

This is why scripture tells us:  “Let us think about how to motivate one another to love and good works, and let us not neglect our meeting together…..”   Hebrews 10:24-25

 Many people are feeling pretty cold and alienated from other people right now.  They do not have contact with others, and they are lonely.

I get it—people are afraid– they don’t want to put their physical health at risk, but their spiritual, emotional and mental health are suffering.

We need to “think about” how to motivate each other.   God tells us to not “neglect” meeting together.    We may not meet in large groups anymore, but we can still meet.  We need each other.  

Recently, I celebrated my mom’s birthday with her.  While I was there, she received many phone calls from her friends and family.  With each call, my mom lit up.  She was being encouraged and loved!

We have been blessed with technology to keep in touch with each other.

However, the very best way—is to be physically around our loved ones.   Just as my fingers stay warmer when they are in direct contact with each other, we need to be in direct contact with each other.   My advice is to choose carefully from a small group—those people you can be in direct contact with—and see on a regular basis—to pray with, to hug, to encourage, to read scripture with, to love.

Take the initiative, and call, reach out.  Even if the person you reach out to, does not want direct contact—I bet they’ll be encouraged by your care and concern.

Ask God who He wants you to keep warm with your direct contact. 

Many people are meeting in small groups, others are going to church.   Ask God what He wants you to do.   He will tell you.   These things He has already told us:  

  1.  We need to “think about” how we as individuals and as the collective body of Christ—can motivate each other.
  2. We need to “think about” how to spur each other on to love and good deeds.
  3. We need to “gather together” to do this.   That may mean going back to church, or meeting in a small group—but it does mean being with other believers in some way.

Let’s keep each other warm!!  Let’s Be Encouraged!!

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