Does God Even Care?

I wanted to share this video of Roxanne Hershey talking about, “Does God even care?”, because her story echoes mine so much.  She lost a friend in the great Thompson flood of Colorado, (I share a video about this story as well.), and then later lost her son, and she shares about struggling in her relationship with God and asking the big questions, “Does God love me, does God care?” 

We ask these questions when our circumstances do not match up with our expectations of what we thought would happen, and we question God.  I think God prefers our questions to our silence.  I think God prefers our struggling with who He is, rather than just turning our backs and walking away.   I hope these videos comfort and encourage those of you who may be asking those big questions and struggling.

The video on the Great Thompson Flood of Colorado mentioned the Four Spiritual Laws, if you would like to see what those laws are you can click here and it will take you to a website that will show you what those are:

May God Bless you and Keep you and

May you—Be Encouraged!!

4 thoughts on “Does God Even Care?

  1. You’re so right, Katers. God would rather have us ask the questions, push at Him with our emotion, than back off, and run away. Brett was a good friend of our son, Mark. I remember how hard it was for all of us to hear about his death, questioning not His goodness, but what He wanted us to know through this. Learn. And I didn’t know if I wanted to learn those kinds of lessons. Thanks for this reminder of His sovereign goodness.

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    1. Dayle — I love how you know almost everyone of whom I share a video.. I actually have met Roxanne, when I watched the staff children at a staff conference, when I was a college student. She was very kind and gracious to me and my friend. I am sure she doesn’t remember me, but I remember her. I love how God weaves our lives together to create something quite beautiful!!!


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