Merry Christmas and “Don’t Stop Believing!!”

Merry Christmas!!

I saw this clip and knew it had to be included in a Christmas greeting to you all.  It is the Peanuts gang, singing, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

I thought this was perfect for a few reasons.

  1.  Our family loves the Peanut gang.  Each Holiday has us watching the appropriate show, from the Peanut gang.  Our son Sean especially loved Snoopy, and when our oldest son gave us a Beagle puppy the Christmas after Sean passed, we named this dog, Snoopy.
  2. Sean loved the song, “Don’t Stop Believing”, by Journey.  You might say this was his theme song for life.  He would belt out this song and sing it wherever, whenever.  One summer Sean and his older brother participated in a summer program with other junior high kids, and Sean sang this song with a friend to all the other kids—right up in front of the classroom.  Apparently, he rocked the song!!  I can just picture the scene in my mind.  Sean did not have any problem having confidence – which was unusual for a Junior High kid – and was filled with exuberance and joy.
  3. I often wondered if Sean would grow up to be a life coach, as that is what he was to his family and friends when he was here on earth.  He was continually encouraging us to take the next step of faith in our life journey, whatever that next step was.  He was relentless, persistent and so, so encouraging.  “Come on Mom, you can do this!!  I know you can!!  Let’s do this!!”  were often things I heard him say, whether it was a new exercise program he wanted me to try, or a new diet.
  4. When you watch this clip, I want you to imagine that it is being sung to you directly, and whatever you are having trouble believing right now—imagine that you are being told—“Don’t stop believing!!”
  5. Sometimes the hardest thing for me is to believe that God really loves me.  I think of all the ways I’ve failed and I can’t imagine a Holy, Perfect God would want to be around me.  I have been rejected by humans for my failings, why wouldn’t God reject me as well?   When I listen to this song, I am going to imagine, God is telling me, “Don’t Stop Believing—that I Love You!!
  6. One of my favorite verses in the world is:  Hebrews 13:5:  “….be content with what you have, for He, Himself has said, “I will never desert you or forsake you.”   God will never leave me or forsake me—no human can make that promise—only God can.  Only He can fill the empty void in my life.
  7. So this Christmas as we celebrate God demonstrating that love, by coming down to earth as a baby, and suffering and dying for us all to bring us into a relationship with Him—“Don’t Stop Believing!!”     Be EnCouraged!!   Merry Christmas!!

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