A Hoot Of A Christmas Mystery

Today, I thought you’d all like to hear from Dayle Rodgers–she’ll help get us in the Christmas spirit and she is a hoot!!

Tip of My Iceberg

It began with one. Out of nowhere, it appeared.

A small owl made of straw-like material, decked with holly berries, greenery, and tiny pine cones. Stuck at the end of a wire, placed in the lawn close to the house.

I immediately thought of Ethan, seventeen and possessing a very dry sense of humor. One of his joys in life is teasing me, so I did what any other person assured of their solution would do.

I told him I figured out he was the one who had done it.

He looked surprised. “Who, me?’

Sly boy. It was a show to confuse me. I laughed, figuring any hesitation on my part would give him more fuel to keep up the sham.

“Sure, it was you. Who else would put a Christmas owl in my lawn?” His response was a head shake.

I thought I had him.

By Saturday the…

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