The Gift of Hind Sight

I love this blog, as I give specific ways that God provided for us!! I hope it will encourage you!!

Encouragement for you!!

Do you ever look back, and see the hand of God in your life,
taking care of you, providing opportunities, guiding you and directing your
path? I call this the gift of

When I look back it
is so clear to me, how God took care of us, but when I was living that moment,
it wasn’t clear at all. I think one of
the reasons for this, is that I have my plan, and when that plan gets derailed,
I feel frustration, disappointment and sometimes despair.

I’d like to share with you some of the ways God provided for
us, to encourage you. God is the same,
yesterday, today and tomorrow– (Hebrews 13:8). He can be counted on. We, however, are all different from one another. The Bible calls us the Body of Christ.
(Romans 12:4,5: Just as our bodies have
many parts and each part has a…

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